Watch Construction from Start to Finish

I would like to give a special thanks to Greg and Amy for culminating
all the pictures together, to make this video during the construction of their
new home.  Really cool to see…

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Carolina Classic Home & Garden

Come see us at the Carolina Classic Home & Garden Show March 9 – 11.  We’re
in the Cantey Building at the State Fairgrounds.

Admission to the Home & Garden Show is $6 per person at the gate; children 14 and
under enter free.  Seniors aged 62 and over enter free on Friday of the show.
Anyone showing a valid Military ID may enter for free on any day of the

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Motivated Builder

Some companies use the credintials of, “we have been in
business for 20 years,” or “we have built over 100 houses.” With which I would
say, I agree there is great value in both.

However for some, building houses can become something there business
requires them to do, rather than something they actually look forward to
doing.  Quickly those 20 years of experience has actually been one year’s experience 20 times over.

The moment you stop looking forward to what you do, you stop learning and growing,
and when growth stops, so does motivation and success.  Blythe Building Company loves building Custom Homes for individuals! We are constantly seeking to be more successful by furthering education in our business, learning how to implement better building processes and procedures, and continually striving to make our Customer’s experience and
process smoother and more enjoyable.

Blythe Building Company is motivated to be the best Custom Home Builder that it
possibly can, and give our Customer’s a home and an experience that motivates
them to refer others to us.

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Certified Master Builder

Blythe Building Company is proud to be able to display this
Certification and Logo!  Currently
approximately only 13 Builders in the Greater Columbia Area have this certification.
With the implications of what it takes to be a Certified Master Builder- Blythe
Building Company feels confident to ask this question:

Why would you want a builder without this accreditation to build
your home?

Clearly a seal or title doesn’t make or build a quality home.  Nor does it insure a genuinely good
experience with your Builder.  However, it does help to know, that a
Builder with this Certification is one who is striving to excel to their best
potential.  They understand the
importance and value in continuing education, to be as informed and relevant
with construction science as possible for their Clients.  Whether its styles and trends, or codes and
efficiency, someone who is willing to work to get the accreditation; is conscious
of trying to be all they can be.

They have met the requirement
needed by the HBA which shows they have the experience, business health, and systems/processes
in place to back up more than just saying, “Yes, we are a quality Custom Builder.”
They actually have to prove it through a
strenuous application process and have to be approved by a panel of their peers
within the HBA.

What kind of Builder do you want to have?   After
all, this is your dream home. Blythe Building Company wants to be your Builder.

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Certified Green Professional

Home Buyers today understand the importance of energy
efficiency and equate this with the quality in which a home was built.  As they should!  As a Certified Green Professional; Blythe
Building Company is a service oriented Builder who strives to build a quality
home efficiently for its Customers.  Blythe
Building Company desires to establish a long-term reputation as a Builder who consistently
executes the details in building a home, which is reflected in its efficiency
and quality.

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Impressive Homes

An impressive home begins with a memorable exterior. Mixed architectural influences along with complementary and colorful landscaping create a memorable exterior for any impressive home. There are many elements that can create a stunning exterior. Perhaps standing-seam porches and dormer windows to add country style, stone accents to lend European elegance, or shuttered windows to bring Colonial charm? Whatever it is, it is very important that mixing elements are done appropriately. Executing the details of porches, windows, massing, overhangs, rooflines, and pitches are also key elements that must be implemented as well.

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Whole House Approach

The whole house approach means every system must be considered in relation to every other system in a house to build an efficient, more comfortable, safer, and more sustainable home. Though this is coined as a green building philosophy, understanding this and applying the principles of heat transfer, moister movement, airflow, and air pressure, help to insure the home is built correctly and energy efficient. Blythe Building Company implements tight construction processes and considers the whole house approach on every home it builds.

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Custom Home Builder

We are among the few Custom Home Builder’s who have made it through this tough economy successfully, and we believe it has been because of God, and His blessing our dedication to service, quality, good business practices, and being honest.

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Making the right choice in your Custom Home Builder in the Greater Columbia Area

When choosing your Custom Home Builder there should be a feeling of connection and trust that makes you believe that your Builder understands you and your desires for your home. Trusting your Builder is one of the most important factors of this relationship. Whoever builds your Custom Home, I would suggest that you believe in them that they can execute this process for you, and that they value you and your family’s investment. Our Customers are our best advertising, and if you, as a Customer have a good experience with your Builder through the building process, than you probably will want to tell others about that as well.

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Welcome to the Blythe Building Company Blog

Our desire is to give superior service and quality to our customers to insure a great experience as individuals make one of their largest investments.

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