Certified Master Builder

Blythe Building Company is proud to be able to display this
Certification and Logo!  Currently
approximately only 13 Builders in the Greater Columbia Area have this certification.
With the implications of what it takes to be a Certified Master Builder- Blythe
Building Company feels confident to ask this question:

Why would you want a builder without this accreditation to build
your home?

Clearly a seal or title doesn’t make or build a quality home.  Nor does it insure a genuinely good
experience with your Builder.  However, it does help to know, that a
Builder with this Certification is one who is striving to excel to their best
potential.  They understand the
importance and value in continuing education, to be as informed and relevant
with construction science as possible for their Clients.  Whether its styles and trends, or codes and
efficiency, someone who is willing to work to get the accreditation; is conscious
of trying to be all they can be.

They have met the requirement
needed by the HBA which shows they have the experience, business health, and systems/processes
in place to back up more than just saying, “Yes, we are a quality Custom Builder.”
They actually have to prove it through a
strenuous application process and have to be approved by a panel of their peers
within the HBA.

What kind of Builder do you want to have?   After
all, this is your dream home. Blythe Building Company wants to be your Builder.

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