Our Sevices

Plan Design

One of the hardest things Customers have is seeing there home conceptually. How does that impact you personally? If you don’t get the home that specifically meets your goals, how happy would you be with the results?
At BBC we offer several different choices when it comes to plan design. In today’s market there are so many different options out there, from purchasing a predesigned set of plans to custom designing every square foot to your specifications.
We offer design services that allow you to walk through your future home in 2D and even select paint colors and floor finishes. If building Green is your desire, we offer services that will help develop your plans to meet those Green requirements.

Detailed Budget Development

How much do you suppose it would cost you if this process was done incorrectly? Would you be okay with having to give up things that you really wanted after beginning construction on your new home?
Our Budget process begins with our Preconstruction Budget and Plan Review Meeting. During this time we go through the nuts and bolt of your home and details that fit your budget and desires.

Construction Management

Building a new home is typically the largest investment that most individuals make, both financially and emotionally. This is going to be your home where memories and life mingle together.
Do you work? Have children? How much extra time and energy do you have? How important than is it to trust in your Builder to supervise, coordinate, and control every step involved?
Trust is the key factor and is one of the biggest reasons people use BBC to build their home. Come and experience a builder that expects referrals!