Published: Nov 22, 2021 | Updated: Nov 22, 2021

5 Fun Holiday & Seasonal Decor Tips for Your Home

Ready to do something different this year? We've got some fresh inspiration to get you in the holiday mood.

Holiday decor on a wood floor with a red Christmas mug with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and a candy cane

Winter is here and that means the holidays are fast approaching. If you are planning holiday gatherings, or if you just want to give your home a seasonal twist, you might be thinking about decorating.

While it can be nice to have a few of the same decorations that you put up year after year, you might want to refresh your winter holiday decor. You may even be able to use some of the everyday items that you already have at home, but reimagine them in a new way.

Christmas decorations with green and white color pallate

Shake Up Your Holiday Color Palette

One easy way to make your decorating more contemporary is by mixing up your color palette. Select a set of colors that may be a bit unexpected with a focus on non-traditional holiday colors, like rose pink, orange, white, gold, or a palette of only green hues. With this curated and unique color palette, your home will have a holiday spirit with its own unique flair. 

Chandelier with Christmas ornaments

Green and Decorations in Unexpected Places

Unconventional details can make for intriguing winter decorations. Go beyond the dining table centerpiece to create a garland that you can hang from your chandelier, or add a few coordinated ornaments to give your chandelier a festive twist.

A suspended branch that is decorated with lights or ornaments can also be hung over a dining table, or a garland can frame a mirror. Don’t forget the bathroom and laundry room — small potted plants with lights, or garlands can also be added here.

Bowl of pinecones for a holiday decoration

Back to Nature

It’s the season to bring nature indoors, but you can go beyond the traditional tree or garlands for something different this winter. Pinecones can make simple and rustic centerpieces, while clusters of branches from different trees, and fresh fruit, like oranges or lemons can be added to garlands.

While faux is also an option, if you go natural you can add the decor to your compost at the end of the season to avoid cluttering your home with decor that you have to put away every year.

Red, green, and white cloth napkin with cookies and a candle

Decorations That Do Double Duty

You don’t have to buy a lot to give your winter decor a refresh. Everyday cloth napkins in a festive neutral like buffalo check, or solid color in your color palette, can be updated with a napkin ring decorated with pinecones or evergreen fronds. Indoor plants with a set of string lights can create a festive glow.

Holiday decorations with dried leaves and white lantern with fairy lights

Let There Be Light

There’s no doubt that adding fairy lights outside your house is an essential element of holiday decorating. But you can add them in unexpected places indoors too. A festive centerpiece of branches can be given an extra glow with lights.

Or a jar filled with lights can be a fast decoration in any room of the house. Think of open nooks and corners as design areas, such as filling empty spaces in your bookshelf with a mix of lights, and natural decor. 

Decorating your house for the winter can have a contemporary flair so that it becomes almost timeless. Using elements from nature and reimagining objects you already have at home are simple

DIY tricks to decorate in even just a weekend. You’ll be ready to welcome guests for any social gatherings throughout the season.

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